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Charter School Issue Page


Why are Charter Schools important to employers & employees?

The Kentucky Chamber supports legislation to allow the formation of public charter schools and believes school choice is pivotal to Kentucky’s ability to develop a competitive workforce.

  • Charter schools are public schools designed to provide tuition-free education choices to parents and students.
  • Charters liberate teachers and administrators from red tape but require high accountability in return. Public charter schools are closed if they fail to deliver results.
  • The Kentucky Chamber believes all children deserve the opportunity to go to a school that challenges them and prepares them for the future. A family’s income or zip code should not force their children to attend a failing school.
  • School choice is pivotal for Kentucky’s ability to develop a workforce that can be competitive in a global economy.
  • Kentucky is one of only seven states that has not passed charter school legislation.
  • The Kentucky Chamber advocates for charter school legislation that gets parents more involved, gives teachers the freedom to be even more innovative and gives students the structure they need to learn.