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Cyber Security Conference

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$595/Kentucky Chamber Members

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Why Attend
A recent survey by the National Association of Corporate Directors indicates that company boards are worried about cyberattacks on their networks and connected devices. Is your company prepared to withstand a cyberattack? What are current “best practices” for companies and individuals? Come hear from professionals working in the cyber security and data privacy field to learn about current threats, how to best protect company operations and information and how to be in compliance with certain laws in this realm.

  • What current threats does Homeland Security encounter and what advice do they offer? Hear from Earl Rose, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Office, Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center.
  • Who are the enemies and “bad actors” and how are they infiltrating our systems? What can you do to fight an attack? Hear from Michael Graven at CrowdStrike, the company that discovered and worked on the DNC hack by the Russians.
  • “Oh no, my computer screen has a ransom note!” What should you do to try to prevent your company from being attacked by ransomware? What do you do if your company has been attacked by ransomware? Hear what forensics experts and legal counsel have to say about their experiences helping clients and how a good, regularly updated incident response plan with a section on ransomware attacks can save time, reduce the headaches and protect your organization.
  • Have you done due diligence on vendors who have access to your company’s confidential information? Hear from a security consultant on vendor screening and from legal counsel on important vendor contractual provisions.
  • Is your company’s website in compliance? Hear from legal counsel on how to reduce the risk that a state or federal enforcement agency will knock on your door.
  • What is happening in the realms of the “internet of things” and cloud computing? Hear from a networking consultant on best practices for structuring your organization’s networks for the best security and privacy.
  • What changes in laws and regulations related to data privacy and security impact your business? What are some “best practices” for boards of directors and individuals? Get the latest from legal counsel on legal developments and best practices.

Who Should Attend?
This program should appeal to anyone who has a role regarding personal or confidential information – whether the information is that of a customer, employee, patient, student, job applicant or it is a trade secret or other proprietary information. Board members, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, HR, PR departments, in-house and general counsels, and insurance and risk managers all are part of the team.