Tribunal Reform

Every Classroom Should have an Effective Teacher

The current tribunal system in place to review appealed cases of misconduct and inadequate job performance of school employees is expensive, ineffective and inconsistent.

  • Superintendents are reluctant to fire or suspend an insubordinate employee due to the cost, complexity of the process, and likelihood their decision will be overturned by a tribunal.
  • Tribunals most often reverse or modify local superintendent decisions. They may also include complex and expensive rulings. This is after a school district has already paid the cost of the proceeding.
  • Kentucky students, parents, and educators deserve a more professional process. We need a system to ensure all students have a safe and productive classroom environment.


Senate Bill 8

  • Provides a professional tribunal system that balances the needs of schools to deal with ineffective or insubordinate employees while protecting teachers’ due process.
  • Establishes selection and training requirements for hearing officers.
  • Limits tribunal decisions to upholding or overturning the decision of the superintendent (no more expensive strings attached).

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