Unemployment Insurance


  • To get Kentuckians back to work sooner

  • Maintain and increase the solvency of our unemployment trust fund

  • To be competitive with our surrounding states and attractive to new businesses/employers

Why It's Needed

  • Kentucky has one of the lowest workforce participation rates in the country. We are currently ranked 47th in the nation.
  • Kentuckians remain on unemployment for an average of 19 weeks, significantly above the national average of 15 weeks and 13.5 weeks for our border states.
  • Our current system isn’t getting Kentuckians back to work. We have over 200,000 open positions right now and employers are having trouble finding workers to fill those positions.
  • Our program needs to be more in line with other states, particularly our border states, whose systems are all ranked higher than ours, so that we remain competitive and attractive to businesses/employers.
  • Kentucky has one of the highest maximum weekly benefits in the country, which discourages looking for work and threatens the solvency of our unemployment trust fund.

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