The Lifestyle Health Chamber Affinity Program

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce Lifestyle Health Plans as a unique health benefits program designed for Chamber members to address the underlying causes of the rise in healthcare costs - employee health behaviors.

Coronavirus Update


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In response to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak,  Lifestyle Health has reviewed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and protocol and offers the following coverage policy and coverage parameters:

  • Lab Tests related to the COVID-19 virus will be covered for members that meet the CDC guidelines for testing. 
  •  Lifestyle Health will be adding the COVID-19 test (HCPCS code U0001) to the listing of preventative service codes covered under the plan. 
  • Members that meet the CDC guidelines for testing will have their COVID-19 test covered under the preventative benefits portion of their health benefit program up to a maximum coverage amount of $60 for the U0001 lab test. 
  • Lifestyle Health will pay 100% of the lab test when ordered and billed through LabCorp to our DirectHealth lab program. 
  • If COVID-19 testing is not facilitated through LabCorp, Lifestyle Health will provide a benefit of up to $60 for the U0001 lab test with no patient cost share. Members will be responsible for any balance above the $60 maximum allowable unless the test is ordered through Labcorp. 
  • Treatment expense for all other services related to the COVID-19 virus will be subject to normal plan deductible and co-insurance provisions. 
  • For members that have a HDHP Consumer plan, the COVID-19 test will be paid at first dollar benefit and not subject to their deductible and co-insurance provision up the maximum allowable indicated above. 

Please refer to the CDC Guidelines for specific information on the COVID-19 virus at and suggested testing requirements and eligibility.  If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have contracted the coronavirus, we urge you to contact your primary care provider immediately.

What Makes Lifestyle Health So Different?

  • Level-funded major medical plan designs
  • Underwritten by “A” rated carriers
  • Member savings averaging 5-15% in most cases
  • Integrated wellness incentives and cash-rewards
  • Up to a $500 deductible credit available to all wellness participants
  • Integrated concierge telemedicine, outpatient lab and diabetic supply benefits

What is Level Funded?

Level-funded plans are essentially pre-packaged self-insured health plans, with low attachment stop-loss coverage. For the right groups, level-funded plans can save 30 percent versus a fully insured ACA small-group plan. And because of their structure, level-funded plans do not have the volatility in monthly cash flows, associated with self-insured plans, that can cripple a small business.

Here's How a Level-Funded Plan Works:

Level-funded plans are underwritten, health applications are required. For larger groups applications can be avoided if two years of claims history can be provided. 

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