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Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center

Launched in January 2017, and the first in the nation, the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center is the centerpiece of the efforts that grew out of the Chamber’s initial report on the state’s workforce challenges to meet the needs of business.
A 12-member advisory board comprising representatives of Kentucky’s employment sectors and geographic regions guides the Center’s work, which is focused on five strategic initiatives:


Serving as the voice of business as employers work with the public sector to align education, workforce initiatives and economic development in the creation of policies and delivery of services.


Giving employers a way to work together, define the skills they need and measure the results of workforce efforts. This includes creating a talent pipeline that ensures that the right talent is available for the right jobs.



Enhancing employer effectiveness through shared information and peer-to-peer communications to ensure consistency and collaboration of efforts statewide.


Monitoring the performance of education and workforce providers using data that is designed to help workforce-training providers improve their programs and provide reliable results.


Working with employers and providers on initiatives to help strengthen essential skills in the workplace.


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BETH DAVISSON                             Executive Director, Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center

(502) 848-8732  [email protected]