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Pay your employees fairly and competitively using data and compensation solutions you can trust. offers special member pricing on its most popular compensation reports and HR-sourced, validated salary surveys.

Benchmark Job Report’s Benchmark Job Report delivers aggregate nationwide compensation data. It’s the largest, most comprehensive compensation dataset containing 15,000 jobs, 225 industries and 187 major metropolitan cities and zip codes.

Special member offer: First 3 reports per company are FREE, additional reports are discounted

(A $750 value. Each job report is $250.)


Member Salary Survey

The Member Salary Survey report includes executive, general staff, pay practices, and benefits data for the companies you compete against, with a cut of the data specific to your region. It includes 55,207 organizations, 14 industries and 2,631 job titles.

Special member offer: 10% discount (15% discount for 3-year subscription)

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