About Us

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Uniting Business. Advancing Kentucky.




The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce provides bold leadership as the major catalyst, consensus builder and advocate for economic growth and for expanding the business community of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce supports a dynamic business climate in the Commonwealth, works to advance Kentucky, and provides substantial value to its members by articulating a vision for Kentucky and providing advocacy, information, program management, and customer service in order to accelerate business creation, recruitment, expansion, and retention. 

From its beginnings more than 75 years ago, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has evolved into the premier business association in the state. Today, the Kentucky Chamber represents 3,800 member businesses – from family-owned shops to Fortune 500 companies – that employ over half of the Commonwealth’s workforce.

The Kentucky Chamber's powerful grassroots network, through a partnership with more than 80 local chambers in the state, consists of 25,000 professionals. Strength in numbers continues to help the Chamber influence policymakers in areas such as business taxation, fiscal policy, environmental and safety issues, workers’ compensation, health care, and education reform.

Our mission is not always easy, but the Kentucky Chamber continues to provide leadership as a catalyst, consensus-builder, and advocate to unite business and advance Kentucky.