Staff Directory


Ashli Watts  picture

Ashli Watts

President & Chief Executive Officer

Please contact Candy Keeton at [email protected] to contact Ashli.

Joseph Hsu picture

Joseph Hsu

Chief Financial Officer

Candy Keeton picture

Candy Keeton

Director, Administrative Services

Lisa Johnson  picture

Lisa Johnson

Human Resource Officer

John Hawkins picture

John Hawkins

Director, Operations

Addie Divine picture

Addie Divine

Senior Manager and Controller

Public Affairs

Kate Shanks picture

Kate Shanks

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Charles Aull picture

Charles Aull

Executive Director, Center for Policy and Research

John Cox picture

John Cox

Director, Public Affairs

John Hughes picture

John Hughes

Senior Manager, Public Affairs

Jon Dye picture

Jon Dye

Manager of Grassroots Advocacy

Amy Cloud picture

Amy Cloud

Executive Director, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives

Skylar Staley picture

Skylar Staley

Coordinator, Public Affairs

Communications & Marketing

Jacqueline Pitts picture

Jacqueline Pitts

Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Sawyer Coffey Noel picture

Sawyer Coffey Noel

Director, Communications and Marketing

Alaina Holcomb picture

Alaina Holcomb

Lead Graphic Designer, Communications

Amanda Kelly  picture

Amanda Kelly

Manager, Communications and Marketing

Membership & Business Services

Jim Ford picture

Jim Ford

Chief Resource Officer

Maryellen Mullikin picture

Maryellen Mullikin

Executive Assistant, Chief Resource Officer

Katie Raney picture

Katie Raney

Director, Kentucky SHRM State Council Manager, Special Projects

Kyle Bedford picture

Kyle Bedford

Director, Events

Chris Clabes picture

Chris Clabes

Manager, Events

Andrea Flanders picture

Andrea Flanders

Director, Sponsor Relations

Catherine Gaertner picture

Catherine Gaertner

Director, Membership Operations

Jonathan Lang picture

Jonathan Lang

Director, Member Relations

Donna Taylor picture

Donna Taylor

Senior Manager, Design & Marketing

Darius Tsarev picture

Darius Tsarev

Manager, Marketing

Lori Jo Goff picture

Lori Jo Goff

Manager, Customer Relations

Cassie Collins picture

Cassie Collins

Senior Manager, Operations

Shelby Martin picture

Shelby Martin

Retention Manager

Marcy McQueen picture

Marcy McQueen

Publication Sales Manager

Mea Durham picture

Mea Durham

Coordinator, Membership


Beth Davisson picture

Beth Davisson

Senior Vice President, Foundation

Harper Michael picture

Harper Michael

Director of Operations, Foundation

Jordan Deschamp-Young picture

Jordan Deschamp-Young

Program Manager, Foundation

LaKisha Miller picture

LaKisha Miller

Executive Director, Workforce Center

Ryan Bowman picture

Ryan Bowman

Workforce Development Manager

Dorian Moe picture

Dorian Moe

Talent Pipeline Project Manager

Laurie Mays picture

Laurie Mays

Talent Pipeline Project Manager

Callie Miracle  picture

Callie Miracle

Workforce Development Manager

Sara Tracy picture

Sara Tracy

KHA Talent Pipeline Senior Project Manager

Jacob McAndrews  picture

Jacob McAndrews

KHA TPM Regional Pipeline Manager - Southwest KY

Katie Walker picture

Katie Walker

KHA TPM Regional Pipeline Manager - Western KY

Ashley Hatfield picture

Ashley Hatfield

KHA TPM Regional Pipeline Manager - Eastern KY

Brandi Hon picture

Brandi Hon

Workforce Recovery Program Manager

Aminda Davis picture

Aminda Davis

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President & Foundation Coordinator