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Four Pillars for Prosperity

In the summer of 2015, the Kentucky Chamber published Four Pillars for Prosperity which suggested a new emphasis on issues that influence the state’s economy and on the actions that will chart a path toward success. The report details the state’s current and recent economic performance; the workforce, technological and economic trends affecting Kentucky; and the perspective of business leaders on issues that most affect their ability to succeed.
The Kentucky Chamber’s 2017 Legislative Agenda builds upon the framework set by Four Pillars for Prosperity and outlines the business community’s top legislative priorities for the 2017 session of the Kentucky General Assembly. These priorities will help chart a path toward a more competitive Kentucky.
The goal outlined in Four Pillars for Prosperity are:

A Healthy, Skilled Workforce
Create a globally competitive talent development system that produces a healthy and skilled workforce, benchmarked against the best education and workforce preparation systems in the world.

Create and sustain a state government that is financially stable and creates a competitive environment for economic growth.
Create and maintain a modern infrastructure to capitalize on the state’s strategic advantages and to advance its energy agenda.
Create and implement a customized economic development program that recognizes the potential of Kentucky’s distinct regions and industry sectors and encourages and rewards entrepreneurship and innovation.



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