Kentucky Civics Bee


About the Bee

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation is excited to participate in the 2023 National Civics Bee competitions promoted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The National Civics Bee is the civics literacy program of The Civic Trust, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation initiative to promote greater civic knowledge and civic participation across the country. 

Chambers of Commerce from across Kentucky hosted Local Civics Bee competitions this spring, in partnership with the Kentucky Chamber Foundation, where middle school students participated in live quiz events to test their civics knowledge and discuss issues facing their communities.


The local competitions were hosted by the Paducah Area Chamber, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber, Southeast Kentucky Chamber, London-Laurel County Chamber, and Northern Kentucky Chamber.


Javan Dotson from Pikeville was named the winner of the National Cicivs Bee Kentucky State Competition, with Jiwoo Kim from Richmond placing second and Kaylee Brandon from Paducah placing third.


View the full recap of the event here


Photo provided by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Congratulations to the 2023 Kentucky Civics Bee State Finalists!

  • Kaylee Brandon, Paducah Chamber         
  • Calleigh Oldja, Paducah Chamber
  • Luke Whiteside, Paducah Chamber          
  • Myah Collie, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber
  • Elizabeth Hatton, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber
  • Josey Hite, Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber
  • Olivia Teague, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber
  • Ann DeGrez, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber        
  • Anna Warf, Campbellsville-Taylor County Chamber          
  • Jiwoo Kim, Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Javan Dotson, Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Landon Thacker, Southeast Kentucky Chamber
  • Oliver Victor, Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Rashad Agayev, Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Leigh-Nichole Crabbe, Northern Kentucky Chamber
  • Jade Smith, London-Laurel County Chamber
  • Emma Adams, London-Laurel County Chamber
  • Caleb Hammons, London-Laurel County Chamber

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Additional Resources

Contest Rules

The National Civics Bee Official Contest Rules govern the competition to ensure fairness and integrity. They are customized to include the name, address, and end date (including time zone) of each local chamber partner. Otherwise, the Contest Rules must not be modified in any way. As you review the Official Contest Rules
in their entirety on the following pages, please note the following eligibility

  • Any student registered in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in a public, private, or home school is eligible to participate
  • Students may only apply to one competition, and it must be in their state of residence
  • All entries must be in English
  • If a student participated in a previous National Civics Bee, they must submit a new, unique entry
  • Any student related to (or living with) Chamber staff, leadership, Board of Directors, or any student who is related to any partners/co-Sponsors of the National Civics Bee is not eligible (to prevent any perception of bias, preferentialism, or discrimination)

In addition, please note the following requirements related to documentation and data storage:

  • Parents/Guardians of the selected Finalists must submit an eligibility validation and consent form for their child to participate in Local and State Events
  • Tax Payer ID is not required to participate in the Bee, but it is required to receive the cash prizes (and any other prizes where the parent/guardian might be responsible to pay taxes)
  • If a parent asks for their child’s data to be removed or deleted, they must contact [email protected] and the Local Competition Partner must inform USCCF

Refer to the following Official Contest Rules for all requirements.

Check Out Photos from the 2023 National Civics Bee State Competition!


Photos provided by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation