Kentucky's Talent Pipeline


In close partnership with the Kentucky Education and Labor Cabinet, Kentucky was selected as one of the three states in the nation to pilot a statewide implementation of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s program, Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®). TPM® is an employer-led and demand-driven approach for businesses to create and manage talent ‘supply chains’ by projecting talent needs and aligning those with education and workforce development systems. Through this partnership, the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center was called upon to utilize the TPM® tool to engage employers in the TPM® process to build a stronger workforce aligned to the needs of Kentucky’s key economic sectors.


  • Convene businesses into employer-led industry collaboratives throughout Kentucky
  • Provide personalized talent solutions to ensure Kentuckians are trained, developed, and upskilled into in-demand career pathways
  • Improve collaboration with education, government, and workforce partners by utilizing our collaborative’s real-time data




Partnership with Kentucky Hospital Association


With a statewide hospital workforce vacancy rate of 15.3 percent, the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) has provided resources to hire regional manager positions dedicated to health care as part of the Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®) program.

The TPM® program is designed for businesses to play a larger role in building their talent supply chains. Working with the regional hospital TPM® managers, hospitals and health care systems will have the opportunity to join together in a collaborative effort to:

  • Build talent supply chains that support career opportunities in our hospitals; 
  • Recruit talent into hospitals and educational programs; and 
  • Identify and share regional best practices to support critical jobs needed for various types of hospitals.
  • The Hospital TPM® Initiative is focused on key regions, including north central Kentucky, western Kentucky, southern Kentucky, and eastern Kentucky.

The Hospital TPM® Initiative is focused on key regions, including greater Louisville, central and northern Kentucky, western Kentucky, southern Kentucky, and eastern Kentucky.


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Academies and Special Projects

Military Hiring Academy

The Military Hiring Academy, presented by the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, aims to provide businesses with training and experiences to find, hire, and retain military talent (veterans, service members leaving the military, and military spouses). 

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Educator's Guide to Industry

The Educator's Guide to Industry program aims to bridge the gap between Kentucky's employers and educators, facilitating essential connections and collaborations. These events are thoughtfully designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, fostering mutual understanding and partnership between industry professionals and educators. Through this collaborative effort, the program empowers educators and employers to better prepare students for successful transitions into the workforce, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of Kentucky's economy.

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Rising Leaders Program

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation has embarked on an exciting partnership project with Truist to support first-generation college students. Our Rising Leaders Program aims to empower first-generation students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to become confident and effective leaders. 

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