Policy Councils

As part of its advocacy mission, the Kentucky Chamber has developed six public policy councils and a small business committee composed of business leaders from around the state, each of which is responsible for developing legislative positions and priorities for their respective policy areas.

Education and Workforce Council

Chair: Kelley Workman, Planters Bank

Kentucky’s economic viability is directly linked to the education and skills of its citizens. We believe education at all levels must be responsive to the needs of employers and all students – children and adults. With a focus on lifelong learning, the education and workforce council works to ensure that Kentucky’s economy benefits from a prepared, productive and diverse workforce. The council develops policies to support and improve education at all levels.

Chamber Staff Contact: Travis Burton

Health Care Council

Chair: Donovan Blackburn, Pikeville Medical Center

Rising health care costs have become a significant financial threat to Kentucky’s businesses. As such, the health and wellness council is focused on developing comprehensive, long-term solutions to help slow the ever-increasing costs of health care in Kentucky and to promote public policies that will help improve the overall health and well-being of Kentucky’s citizens.

Chamber Staff Contact: John Cox

Kentucky Competitiveness Council

Chair: Jay Ingle, Jackson Kelly PLLC


By promoting business recruitment, retention and expansion, the competitiveness council seeks to increase Kentucky’s competitiveness, not only with our border states, but with competitors around the world. To achieve that goal, the council is actively engaged in policy initiatives aimed at modernizing the economy, creating jobs, supporting state income and expenditure practices that promote long-term economic growth in Kentucky and improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Chamber Staff Contact: Kate Shanks

Energy and Environmental Council

Chair: David Huyck, Westlake Chemical Corporation


The energy and environmental council seeks to promote Kentucky as an energy leader and supports policies to achieve environmental protection without unnecessarily hindering economic development and business growth. Its members support legislative and administrative actions that are scientifically valid, technically feasible and economically rational.

Chamber Staff Contact:Kate Shanks

Small Business Council

Chair: Kaelyn Query, Lexington Event Company

Because small businesses are often disproportionately affected by challenges facing the economy, the small business committee focuses on ensuring the broad range of issues of particular importance to small business owners are adequately represented in the Chamber’s policy development process.

Chamber Staff Contact: Travis Burton

Infrastructure Council

Co-Chairs: Hood Harris, AT&T and Candace McGraw, Cincinnati/Northern KY International Airport

Infrastructure is a critical piece of Kentucky's economy supporting numerous manufacturing, logistics, service, and retail businesses. From moving people to moving goods, investment in infrastructure is key to further economic growth. The council is responsible for the formation of the Chamber's legislative and federal agenda as it relates to infrastructure and will focus on all types of infrastructure including transportation, utility, and broadband.

Chamber Staff Contact:Kate Shanks

Agriculture and Equine

Co-Chairs: Vince Gabbert, Keeneland and Adam Hinton, Hinton Mills

This council brings together industry leaders to help develop, guide, and advocate policies to strengthen these key sectors of Kentucky’s economy.

Chamber Staff Contact: John Cox