Educator's Guide to Industry

Educator's Guide to Industry

The Educator's Guide to Industry program aims to bridge the gap between Kentucky's employers and educators, facilitating essential connections and collaborations. These events are thoughtfully designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, fostering mutual understanding and partnership between industry professionals and educators. Through this collaborative effort, the program empowers educators and employers to better prepare students for successful transitions into the workforce, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of Kentucky's economy.

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Past Events

Educator’s Guide to the Construction Industry

In December 2023, the Foundation hosted the Educator's Guide to the Construction Industry at the Kentucky Chamber offices in Frankfort. During the event, almost 40 counselors/educators had the opportunity to hear from Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®️) construction partners, including Associated General Contractors, Gray, and AE Electrical Solutions. The construction leaders participated in panel discussions and a presentation of the active Blue Oval project to educate the counselors about the critical need for construction workers, the positions currently available, and the apprenticeship training programs for high school graduates.

Educator’s Guide to the Agriculture Industry


In February 2024, the Foundation hosted an Educator's Guide to Agriculture event in collaboration with Spy Coast Farm. The event brought together 36 educators and 17 speakers to comprehensively explore Kentucky's agricultural industry. During the panel discussions, educators discussed critical topics such as the industry's current landscape, the significance of workforce development, and prospects for students from an employer's perspective. A panel of school principals highlighted the positive impact of work-based learning on their students. Also, a diverse panel of students, an agriculture teacher, and an employer shared insights from their collaborative work-based learning experience on a farm. By leveraging the expertise of industry professionals, educators gained valuable insights into opportunities for their students and the evolving trajectory of agriculture in Kentucky.

Educator’s Guide to the Distilling Industry

Educator's Guide to the Distilling Industry

In March 2024, the Foundation hosted an Educator's Guide to the Distilling Industry event in partnership with the Kentucky Distillers' Association. The event connected employers and educators to share insights into the distilling industry and discuss the various career opportunities available for students. The event had 35 educators in attendance, and critical Kentucky distillers such as Beam, Log Still, and WhiteDog participated to provide educators with invaluable knowledge to better guide students toward promising opportunities in the dynamic distilling world.