Inaugural Kentucky Healthcare Innovation Summit

July 11, 2024  |  Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC)  |  Louisville

Explore the present and future of healthcare at this insightful event. We'll examine the current healthcare model and where experts predict it is headed in the coming years. Key topics include the shift toward preventative care and medications, improving accessibility, and a growing emphasis on mental health. Attendees will gain perspective on the short and long-term evolution of the healthcare industry, including the impacts on today's workplace. This is a unique opportunity to understand where we are today and where we're going in the future.

Who Should Attend

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Anyone in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Healthcare providers
  • Physician services
  • Health Insurance providers
  • Anyone who consumes, produces, purchases or uses any aspect of the healthcare system
  • Employers with a vested interest in the current state of healthcare and future workplace trends