Promote Sensible State/Local Regulations

In considering standards for the protection of human health and the environment, federal agencies undertake an exhaustive process of reviewing available data to set standards at an appropriate level. The Chamber opposes the adoption of more stringent state and local programs that would adversely affect Kentucky’s ability to remain competitive in the global economy. When state and local governments engage in significant revisions of environmental regulations, we strongly encourage the use of a stakeholder process for development of these programs. Any resulting regulatory framework must be based on sound science and be both economically rational and technically feasible to achieve the laudable objective of a cleaner environment. Uniformity among federal, state and local programs helps save businesses valuable resources in compliance procedures.

The Chamber opposes local government authority to enforce federal and state environmental requirements. To the extent that regulatory programs already exist at the local level, it is incumbent upon the local agency to administer a meaningful appeals process to provide adequate consideration of disputed issues prior to civil court action. The Chamber supports stability in regard to the makeup of Kentucky’s Public Service Commission. This non-partisan group, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, has helped establish Kentucky’s low-cost utility rates for many years. The Chamber opposes any effort to politicize the membership of this commission, which will create instability and a potential increase in rates.

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