Adkisson featured on "Countdown to Kickoff"

  • Education will remain the Kentucky Chamber’s top priority during the 2014 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, according to President and CEO Dave Adkisson. During a recent interview with Neil Price, announcer at the University of Kentucky’s IMG Sports Network, Adkisson discussed Kentucky’s economic outlook as well as the Chamber’s top priorities as the 2014 Session approaches.

    “The economy in Kentucky is coming back,” said Adkisson. “The good news is, [the economy] is building coming out of the recession, and companies are starting to hire again. The not-so-good news is that it doesn’t have the momentum that we would like to see.”

    When asked about the upcoming General Assembly, Adkisson pointed out that the state budget will be the main focus of the legislature this session, and that the Chamber will continue to put an emphasis on education in the Commonwealth.

    “We want to make sure that education is properly funded and that we stay with these new academic standards that our kids have been tested on the past two years. We’ve got to stay the course and make sure we fulfill that promise.”

    The Chamber, he said, will also be promoting a piece of legislation regarding public-private partnerships. “We see tremendous opportunity for the private community to step in and do some of the things that the government has traditionally done. But now money is so tight that the government is going to have to look to the private sector to make some things happen.”

    The interview will air on UK/IMG Sports Radio Network during the “Countdown to Kickoff” segment prior to University of Kentucky football games.

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    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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