Kentucky Wage and Hour Issues New Edition Released!

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    The Kentucky Wage and Hour Issues book, edited by attorneys from the law firm of Frost Brown Todd, is a comprehensive guide covering both state and federal issues. The guide presents dozens of everyday situations and examples to show how the regulations apply to your business.

    What changed? Take a look at the updates below:

    1. The Payment of Wages chapter has been updated to include a section on Methods of Payment, which includes a discussion on pay cards and direct deposit.

    2. Three sections were added to the Child Labor chapter:

    a. Breaks for minors

    b. Criminal penalties for child labor violations

    c. Driving by minors

    3. The Independent Contractor chapter has been updated to include the following new sections:

    a. Common law agency test under ERISA

    b. Considerations before final classification

    c. Hybrid test

    d. Safe-Haven Rule

    e. Replaced the former IRS 20-factor test with the current IRS right-to-control test

    f. Added proposed changes to the economic realities test.

    4. The Exemptions from Overtime chapter has been updated to include the following new sections:

    a. Highly Compensated Employees exemption

    b. Other Exemptions in addition to the White-Collar Exemptions

    c. Added new information on the new overtime rule increasing the salary basis for exemptions form $455 per week to $684 per week effective January 1, 2020.

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