ICE CREAM LOBBYING: Groups served legislators “Kentucky’s Rocky Roads” ice cream in final days of session


    March 16, 2021

    ICE CREAM LOBBYING: Groups served legislators “Kentucky’s Rocky Roads” ice cream in final days of session

    The 2021 legislative session got a little sweeter on Tuesday.

    The Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition handed out “Kentucky’s Rocky Roads” ice cream to lawmakers outside of the Capitol as they headed in for their final day of legislative action before the veto period.

    The sweet treat is a reminder to the General Assembly that groups across the state have been advocating for an increase in Kentucky’s investment in transportation for many years, and as the state recovers from the pandemic coupled with weather issues causing significant damage to roads and bridges, the time to address the issue is now.

    “Today we were at the Capitol to remind legislators to make bold investments in Kentucky’s roads," said Kentucky Chamber Vice President of Public Affairs Kate Shanks. "This is exactly the kind of policy we need to get people back to work, improve our communities, and prioritize economic development.”


    All 138 legislators were offered a small container of the special, small batch ice cream with a message: “Stop serving us rocky roads, invest in Kentucky’s transportation.” The event is paid for by the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition, which has been a vocal proponent of House Bill 561, which will make the necessary investments in Kentucky’s infrastructure.

    The Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition includes the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky League of Cities, Kentucky Association of Counties, manufacturers, farmers, school board, engineers, local leaders and more than 40,000 transportation workers who understand that safe, reliable, efficient transportation is essential to Kentucky’s economy. The Coalition supports long-term, sustainable funding that provides adequate revenues for all modes of transportation so our state can maintain the infrastructure we have today and build what we need for our future.

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