Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide: Economic Development

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide: Economic Development

Infrastructure, tax policy, broadband, and other issues drove the conversation in the final installment of the Bridging Kentucky’s Urban-Rural Divide webinar series, hosted by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Martin School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Kentucky.

The webinar focused on economic development in the context of the urban-rural divide. Previous webinars in this series addressed health care and education.

The goal of the series is to bring together researchers from the Martin School and legislative leaders from the General Assembly to discuss key issues impacting Kentucky’s urban-rural divide. Panelists on today’s webinar discussing economic development included:

  • Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chair Chris McDaniel
  • House Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chair Jason Petrie
  • Dr. Alison Davis
  • Dr. Merl Hackbart

Kentucky Chamber Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Kate Shanks moderated the discussion. Some of the key topics focused on the economic intersections of urban and rural communities in Kentucky; how the state can plan for growth in areas of the state through public policy; similarities and differences between high and low growth regions and counties; the impact of the state budget on economic development; the importance of transportation and broadband infrastructure; and how tax reform could impact economic development in the future.

Click here to watch the full webinar. Previous webinars from this series can be found on the Kentucky Chamber’s YouTube page