Get Out The Vote: 2024 Primary Election

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A Message from Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts

Employers can play a major role in improving civic engagement among their employees
The people we send to Frankfort directly impact our communities and how we conduct business. Not only is voting our civic duty, but it is a way we can make our regions and state more competitive by electing candidates who support businesses. 

With primary elections coming in May, the Kentucky Chamber has developed a valuable toolkit that you can share with your employees to help them overcome barriers to voting. ​​​​​​We encourage you, as employers, to use these tools to engage your employees in the election process.


Download a voter resource guide for your employees

 Share an op-ed on the importance of civic engagement  

How Employers Can Encourage Voting

Encourage your employees to vote by helping them overcome barriers. Here are some tips!
  • Educate Employees on Where to Vote
  • Offer Paid Time Off To Vote 
  • Plan a "Register to Vote Day"
  • Schedule a Day with No Meetings on Election Day
  • Send Calendar Reminders
  • Take the Get Out the Vote Pledge

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A Message from Kentucky’s Secretary of State to Employers

Engaging Your Employees Step 1: Important Dates to Remember


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Click here for a sample email to send to your employees

Engaging Your Employees Step 2: Register to Vote

Before your employees can vote, they need to make sure they are registered. Registration for the 2024 primary election ends on April 22. Before then, we encourage you to share the link to register to vote and a link that answers frequently asked questions on voter registration. Here are some sample emails and graphics we have created to help:  

Download information to share 

Download a sample email to send your employees 

Engaging Your Employees Step 3: How to Vote

Kentucky has made a lot of progress in recent years to make the voting process easier. We encourage you to take the time to tell your employees the many different ways they can vote based on what works best for them. Here are some materials to help communicate the different dates for voting in-person and absentee deadlines, helpful links to find their polling station, and more.

Download information to share 

Download a sample email to send your employees

Engaging Your Employees Step 4: Learn About the Candidates

Many individuals say they do not vote because they do not know enough about candidates to make an informed decision. Employers can help with that. Share the following information to help inform your employees on who is running for President of the United States, U.S. Representative, State Senator and Representative, and more

Find a list of candidates running in the 2024 primaries

See the list of sample ballots by county

Find your legislator

Download a sample email to send your employees