Model Employee Policies for the 21st Century

October 11, 2022 |  Embassy Suites by Hilton Lexington/UK Coldstream


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Why Attend

In HR, like the rest of the world, times have changed. We’re now in the era of advanced technology, the Me Too, Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter Movements. Workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying, as well as, gender and gender identity and religious-freedoms issues are often in the news and on social media, in all its forms, are drawing even more attention to each of these issues. All the talk is shining a new light on some very old problems and that’s good. However, many companies and organizations are trying to address these issues and manage their operations with outdated employee policies.

Attend This Seminar and Learn

  • How drafting employee policies have changed over the years and where we are today.
  • How technology (cell phone, cameras, remote employees) is changing the workforce in ways unimagined at the beginning of the century.
  • What should be in EVERY company’s/organization’s employee handbook
  • What should NEVER be in any company’s/organization’s employee handbook
  • In the era of the Me Too Movement and workplace harassment, should a company have policies that relates to their board of directors/owners/shareholders and vendors interactions with staff members and volunteers?
  • How to use employee policies to better manage your operation (including hiring, training, disciplining, performance evaluations and separation (when necessary).




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Professional Development

Who Should Attend

• managers and supervisors
• administration directors
• business owners and CEOs
• human resources personnel
• employee relations specialists
• personnel directors and managers
• senior HR professionals
• HR consultants