OSHA Fall Protection Competent Person Certification - Speaker

  • Bobbi K. Samples, CSP

    Owner and Principal Consultant • The Safety Firm, LLC

    With over 30 years of dedicated experience in safety, Bobbi K Samples, CSP* is a seasoned professional renowned for her expertise in ensuring the well-being of individuals in both manufacturing and construction environments. Her extensive background includes on-site roles in manufacturing and construction, coupled with a wealth of experience as a safety and health consultant.Bobbi has played a pivotal role in guiding numerous companies to achieve and maintain compliance with OSHA regulations. Her in-depth knowledge and innovative approach to safety training have empowered organizations to foster a culture of safety, leading to enhanced workplace well-being and accident prevention.As a proven leader in safety and health written program management, Bobbi has demonstrated her ability to create and implement effective safety programs that meet the unique needs of diverse industries. Her commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind the success of countless companies striving for safety compliance.Bobbi's impact extends beyond individual businesses, as she has actively contributed to improving safety cultures within Fortune 500 companies. Her collaborative approach and ability to navigate complex organizational structures have made her an invaluable asset to corporations seeking to elevate their safety standards.In addition to her on-site and consulting roles, Bobbi has an entrepreneurial spirit, owning two safety and health consulting companies. Her visionary leadership is further evidenced by her involvement in imagining, developing, and owning over six businesses, showcasing her diverse skill set and commitment to driving success.Bobbi K Samples is not just a safety professional but a catalyst for positive organizational change. She consistently demonstrates a passion for safety, a commitment to compliance, and a track record of success in shaping and enhancing safety cultures.