8 a.m. Registration and continental breakfast
8:30 a.m. Program begins
Noon Lunch (provided)
4:30 p.m. Program adjourns


  • The legal environment is rapidly backing Big Labor.
  • 64% of Americans now view unions favorably.
  • Disruptions and uncertainty following COVID-19 increase worker discontent.
  • Find out how to protect your workforce in a changing legal and labor climate.


  • Preparing for the new political climate. What will change and how fast?
    • Return of aggressive labor law regulation.
    • Broad “joint employer” definition.
    • Return of NLRB “Ambush” election procedures, and “micro-units.”

Which of these changes, and others like them, are likely to come? How fast? Which are already here?

  • Union organizing in the wake of COVID-19, and COVID-related relief packages.
    •  New sources of employee dissatisfaction and distrust.
    • Pressure on wages and available labor pool.
    • NLRB procedural changes (e.g., mail ballot elections). How they impact employers.
  • Changes to NLRB Rules on employee handbooks and workplace investigations. What should go in and what should stay out of your personnel policies.
  • Social media, “virtual meeting,” electronic union cards, internet organizing – how unions use technology to reach your employees and attack you.
  • Union activity on your property – Know how to protect your rights.
  • “Protected concerted activity” – NLRB regulation of your workplace without unions.
  • The “Basics” – What hasn’t changed.
  • Analyzing your risk – See your employees through “union eyes.”


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