Create a Competitive Tax Climate

Several studies have noted the need to reform Kentucky’s tax code, but there has been a vacuum of leadership willing to work to enact significant reforms. The Chamber supports efforts to make needed changes to the tax code and has provided several constructive ideas with the assistance of tax experts within the Chamber. If Kentucky is going to truly compete, our tax code must be improved. Business leaders tell us the tax system is too complex and compliance is too costly. Numerous economic development experts say our code continues to create a competitive disadvantage because it punishes economic productivity. A shift from income-based taxes to consumption taxes can improve our competitive situation as long as these taxes are not levied on business-to-business services that would add another layer of costs to job creation. Since taxes significantly impact business decisions that lead to job creation and retention, the Chamber supports comprehensive tax reform in accordance with the following principles:

  • Support growth and competitiveness: Kentucky’s state and local tax system should support growth-oriented tax policies that improve the competitiveness of Kentucky businesses in the national and global marketplace.
  • Reduce the cost of capital: The tax code should encourage investment as it is the key to increased growth and productivity and higher wages for Kentuckians.
  • Simplify the tax code: The tax code should be simplified with the goal of reducing compliance costs for the private sector. Complex taxes impose costs on businesses that either reduce the return on investment or are passed on to consumers and workers.

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