Encourage Cooperative Federalism

Decisions and policies that are best for a state or local community are more likely to occur when national, state and local governments interact in a cooperative manner to solve common problems. The Kentucky Chamber fully supports the application of cooperative federalism principles with respect to the appropriate utilization and recognition of state and local primacy rights when implementing energy and environmental programs.

The Chamber fully supports the Kentucky General Assembly and Energy and Environment Cabinet in identifying more strategic and better planned statutory/regulatory actions by the state. We fully support working with local governments to address issues and avoid imposing duplicate and conflicting requirements – or needless regulations that would not yield meaningful improvements to environmental quality while increasing burdens on the regulated community. Improved application of cooperative federalism principles can result in timely and consistent enforcement of existing regulations and assure that Kentucky’s policymakers hold the key decision-making role in matters affecting our state.  The Chamber applauds actions taken by the state to combat federal overreach when cooperative federalism is warranted but not implemented.

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