Prioritize Government Spending

Kentucky has made significant progress in starting to plug the leaks in the state budget originally identified in the 2009 “Leaky Bucket.” Since that time, major legislation has been enacted to address spending in corrections and unfunded pension liabilities, and significant administrative changes have taken place to rein in spending on Medicaid and public employee health insurance.

Yet the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System has yet to receive full funding and financing the expansion of Kentucky’s Medicaid program continues to be a challenge. Policymakers must stay the course and continue the progress they have made to date on state spending. The alternative is to return to a trend in which Kentucky is paying more to treat health conditions and incarcerate those who break the law instead of investing more in education. Increased education attainment is the true path out of the cycle of poor health and poverty that has plagued Kentucky and its economy for generations.

Consideration of new or increased taxes or fees should occur only after exhausting all reasonable opportunities to reduce spending and increase efficiency. Streamlining services, consolidating departments, eliminating ineffective programs, initiating responsible personnel compensation and benefit policies and other efforts to maximize the performance of public funds are examples of such fiscally responsible public operations.

The Kentucky Chamber believes achieving a fiscally responsible state budget that promotes economic development will require a significant review of government spending and operations. To this end, we support a research-based top-to-bottom review of government expenditures and programs to improve efficiencies within state government, much like a private-sector company would pursue. Programs that contribute to unsustainable growth in General Fund obligations should not be permitted to unduly consume tax dollars that could otherwise be invested in the public priorities of education and economic development.

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