Support Cost-Effective Energy Strategies

The Kentucky Chamber supports the development of cost-effective strategies that promote energy efficiency and alternative resources to foster energy independence and economic growth. The Chamber supports efforts to promote manufacturing of energy efficiency and alternative energy products. However, we continue to recognize the vital importance of Kentucky’s fossil resources including coal and natural gas and the impact those resources have on the economy of the Commonwealth and the U.S. as a whole.

The Kentucky Chamber believes a comprehensive national energy policy should focus on investing in energy production innovations including biomass, natural gas and coal technologies and avoid arbitrary mandates and punitive policies. Such mandates and policies serve to drive up costs and stifle innovation which places the citizens and businesses of Kentucky at a distinct economic disadvantage with neighboring states.

The Chamber strongly believes cleaner air should be accomplished through the use of efficiencies at our power plants and grid system as opposed to mandated equipment which makes power plants less efficient and mandates for specific energy sources. Policies that spur technological innovation would continue to protect the economy of the Commonwealth while securing our nation’s economic and energy future.

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