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Creating a Healthy, Skilled Workforce

Goal: Create a globally competitive talent development system that produces a healthy and skilled workforce, benchmarked against the best education and workforce preparation systems in the world.

Kentucky’s business community is heavily invested in education and workforce development. Whether the investments are as universal as taxes, as general as tuition reimbursement for workers or as specific as on-the-job skills training, employers are fueling Kentucky’s quest for an educated population and skilled workforce with their financial resources. Many are adding their personal talents and energies to the effort, working at the community and state levels on initiatives to improve schools and enhance workers’ skills. This commitment reflects employers’ understanding that education is the cornerstone of progress for individuals, communities and the state as a whole. 
Whether Kentuckians and their state succeed or fail will be determined by the quality of the state’s education system and how well it equips individuals to apply what they know to advance personally, in support of their communities and in the workplace. High expectations and accountability for performance are critical at all levels of the system – in ensuring every child is ready for kindergarten, in accelerating student achievement in elementary, middle and high school, in steadily improving performance and outcomes at the postsecondary level, in increasing the knowledge and skills of under-educated adults and in developing a high-quality workforce.