Foundation Programs

  • Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center

    The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center serves as the voice of business, working to align education, workforce, and economic development policies.

    The foundational goals of the Workforce Center include an ever-growing network database of employers and key public-sector officials facilitating shared information and peer-to-peer communications, industry collaboratives of business partnerships working closely with educators and workforce providers to create a talent pipeline, a systematic review of projects, and process to measure progress, and a focus on the facilitation and implementation of essential skills. Explore the website to learn more about employer-led workforce solutions and become a part of the movement.

    In close partnership with the Kentucky Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development, Kentucky was selected as one of the three states in the nation to pilot a statewide implementation of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s program, Talent Pipeline Management (TPM)®. TPM is an employer-led and demand-driven approach for businesses to create and manage talent ‘supply chains’ by projecting talent needs and aligning those with education and workforce development systems.

    Bus to Business® is a statewide initiative focused on connecting students with employers. The goal of the program is to show students what career pathways are in their own communities. These students will be given the opportunity to tour businesses, complete hands-on work-based learning activities, and speak directly with employers about career pathways available in their organizations. 

    The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center is proud to house the Workforce Recovery Program for Business. Our team works with businesses to help audit existing policies and make recommendations for the best practices to maintaining a drug-free workplace while supporting a recovery-friendly culture. This program is at no cost to the employer.

    The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center staff is working with employers looking for talent due to surges experienced with COVID-19. Our team is working with Kentucky's Workforce and Education Cabinet and Career Centers across the state to identify talent currently experiencing job loss due to COVID-19.


  • Leadership Institute For School Principals

    Take action to make a positive impact on the future workforce of the Commonwealth.

    The Leadership Institute for School Principals offers public and private school principals in Kentucky an opportunity to receive powerful leadership training in partnership with the Truist Leadership Institute. The cost of this training is $9,000 per participant and the Truist Leadership Institute generously covers half of the cost. The other half is raised from Kentucky’s business community. Visit the Leadership Institute’s webpage to learn more about the program, board of directors, alumni, success stories, and testimonials, and consider donating today.


  • Kentucky Comeback

    In an effort to help Kentuckians struggling with substance use disorder, assist businesses in developing recovery-friendly work environments, and engage Kentuckians interested in smart criminal justice reforms, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce launched Kentucky Comeback, a statewide initiative.

    The Kentucky Chamber Foundation has partnered with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to create Kentucky Comeback: Hope, Healing, and a Fair Chance with the mission of building a broad-based coalition to dramatically transform the state’s approach to addiction and criminal justice.


  • Kentucky Business Education Roundtable

    The Kentucky Business Education Roundtable, convened by the Chamber, is a group of public and private-sector leaders working collaboratively on long-term plans to fuel improvements in the state’s education attainment and workforce quality. 

    The Roundtable has identified priority recommendations for consideration by policymakers and steps the private sector can take to fuel progress in the state.

    The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Task Force on Racial Inequality seeks to achieve the goals of embracing significant changes to achieve racial equity to ensure greater productivity for businesses, increased tax revenue to support education and other critical programs and, of particular importance on an individual level, a better quality of life for Kentuckians.