Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®)

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What is Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®)?

Talent Pipeline Management was created to better understand how businesses, education, and other partners can work together to solve Kentucky’s workforce crisis. For over five years, the Kentucky Chamber Foundation's Talent Pipeline Management program has worked to 

  • Convene businesses into employer-led industry collaboratives throughout Kentucky
  • Provide personalized talent solutions to ensure Kentuckians are trained, developed and upskilled into in-demand career pathways
  • Improve collaboration with education, government and workforce partners by utilizing our collaborative’s real-time data

Why Are Employers Getting Involved?

They need to keep pace with the changing needs of the economy. 78% of hiring managers say the skills gap persists across industries. Employers need a talent strategy that will help them clearly communicate their most critical job needs to their partners in education.

Upskilling has become essential for businesses. The TPM® approach builds external pipelines—adequately preparing talent that has yet to walk through the door—as well as long-term strategies for backfilling, upskilling, career pathway development, and succession planning.

TPM® helps businesses get the talent they need while saving time and money. More than 2,500 employers across the country and 300 employers across Kentucky are seeing results by making Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®) a priority.

How Does TPM® Serve the Needs of Employers?

TPM® Is Industry Specific

Our team works with employers in key industries to address Kentucky businesses' short-term and long-term talent needs. 


Why TPM® Works for Employers

  • Builds on industry best practices
  • Ensures solutions are employer-led 
  • Generates granular, actionable data on employer demand
  • Provides a structured process for collective action and decision making
  • Engages the full spectrum of talent-sourcing providers
  • Creates shared value, competitiveness, and accountability
  • Focuses on employer ROI

TPM® Provides Support and Training

  • The TPM® team manages and convenes industry collaboratives to develop solutions and career pathways most needed to support Kentucky’s economy. Through TPM®, business leaders are supported by employers in the same industry and Kentucky's largest business organization. 
  • The TPM® Academy trains business, workforce, and economic development leaders to leverage Talent Pipeline Management (TPM®) strategies and drive partnerships with education and training providers based on industry needs. Graduates of the TPM® Academy become members of a national network of workforce development leaders and TPM® practitioners.

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