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July 6, 2020

Technology to enhance Who’s Hiring connections between job seekers and employers

Enhanced technology will enable Kentuckians looking for work and employers with available jobs to connect with each other more effectively through the Who’s Hiring campaign of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Workforce Center.

In partnership with the state Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, the Workforce Center launched the online Who’s Hiring campaign in March in response to the shutdowns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, more than 1,000 employers have posted available positions totaling over 86,000 jobs.

Under a new partnership with the Northern Kentucky technology firm ULIMI, the use of Artificial Intelligence will make the jobs list more dynamic and searchable.

A chatbot, named Heidi Hires, incorporated into the Who’s Hiring webpage (https://www.kychamber.com/news/coronavirus/covid-19-whos-hiring) will allow people making inquiries to have a real-time, automated conversation about what jobs are available in their area. In addition, the jobs list will be edited to allow sorting and specific searches by name, location (zip code), job and job title.

In addition to the technological developments, the Workforce Center has added a Fair Chance Employer section to the Who’s Hiring list. Fair Chance Employers hire people in recovery from substance use disorder and people who have been incarcerated. These employers also help members of their current workforce who are recovering from substance use disorder.

Searches of the Who’s Hiring jobs list can also be used to identify Fair Chance Employers by location.

“The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center is so excited to partner with ULIMI to make our Who’s Hiring report easier to navigate through A.I. and get people connected to these open jobs.” Beth Davisson, Executive Director of the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center said. “A record number of Kentuckians have experienced hard times, whether from COVID-19, substance use disorder or incarceration, and we are excited to help them get back to work.”

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